Horizon Forbidden West: Let’s Take A Look At The West Forbidden In The Story Trailer

After revealing many new details about Horizon Forbidden West’s skill, companionship and rewards, Sony has published a surprise trailer of the highly anticipated exclusive by Guerrilla Games.

Looking at the new movie dedicated to the title, we can discover many small details related to the Forbidden West, that is the portion of the game world that we can freely explore not only to complete the activities related to the main one, but also to collect resources In addition to giving us a further look at the setting, the brand new Horizon Forbidden West trailer also focuses on some of the characters we will know during Aloy’s new trip, among which we find Regalla, leader of the Ten Speaking of new characters, the film reveals to the public that actress Carrie Anne Moss will also be part of the cast and will interpret the mysterious character named Tilda.

Before leaving you at the trailer, we invite you to take a look at our interview with the developers of Horizon Forbidden West, which contains a lot of additional details about what was shown in the video.

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