Horizon Forbidden West: How Will It Be On Ps4? Here Are The First, Spectacular Images

After sending open world adventure enthusiasts into jujucal broth with Horizon Forbidden West video at TGA 2021, Guerrilla Games shows the first images of the PlayStation 4 version of the next, expected

When addressing the oceanic PS4 host audience, the Dutch subsidiary of PlayStation Studios reassures fans by sharing a tweet with four strictly in-engine images with scenes taken from the Forbid version

The poker shots dropped on social media by Guerrilla allows us to appreciate the incredible level of detail of the Machines and the great variety of biomes that we will have to explore in the role of Aloy once we arrive on the West Coast of the United States of America. From the richness of vegetation to the quality of the lighting system, passing through the distance of the view and the definition of polygonal models and textures, all suggests that in Forbidden West we will see a tangible improvement in every aspect of the component compared to what we

Without lingering further, we leave you to the new images of Horizon Forbidden West and we remind you that Sony exclusive will be available from the nearest 18th February on PS4 and PlayStation 5.

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