Horizon Forbidden West Has Been Suitable For 13 Years And Above: Scenes Of Violence Described By Esrb

Horizon Forbidden West has taken another important step in its path leading it towards the launch date set for February 18, 2022: in the past hours, the action adventure open world of Guerrilla Games is

The board awarded Horizon Forbidden West the Teen Boot, which is marking video games suitable for children aged 13 and up. ESRB spoke of the presence of blood, dark language, alcohol use and violence, all aspects that prevented the assignment of the E (Everyone, all) stamp, as already happened with Horizon Zero Dawn.

The group was not stingy with details, and also provided descriptions of some scenes that could be interpreted as minor spoilers (you are advised). Specifically, he spoke of cutscenes showing a character impaled by a sword, an NPC killed by the fall of a statue, Aloy drinking a beer from a cup, a drunken character who goes around saying ”

Recently, the exclusive PlayStation has been the protagonist of an extensive GameInformer coverage: here’s all we’ve found on the gameplay of Horizon Forbidden West, which we remember to be scheduled for February 18th.

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