Horizon Forbidden West: Carrie Anne Moss, The Matrix Trinity, Is Also In The Cast

A few minutes ago, Sony released the new Horizon Forbidden West trailer, which allowed us to take a look at the West Forbidden and discover one of the guest stars of the exclusivity.

Horizon Forbidden West will boast the presence of Carrie Anne Moss, actress known to the general public for having played Trinity in the original Matrix trilogy and in the recent fourth chapter, Resurrections. In the title Guerrilla Games the woman will lend face and voice to Tilda. As you have already read in our interview with the developers of Horizon Forbidden West, Francesco Fossetti asked the team for some clarification about the character played by the famous actress. Unfortunately, Guerrilla Games decided not to unbutton too much, but nevertheless let it be understood that its role will be very important for the purposes of history, probably because of its ties with the past, that is the period when the machines had not yet taken over

While waiting to learn more about this character, we remind you that the game will be on the shelves of all stores on February 18, 2022 exclusively on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5.

Have you seen the video dedicated to the civil war Carja of Guerrilla Games?

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