Horizon Forbidden West As Monster Hunter: You Can Eat To Get Upgrades

Thanks to Sony’s long post on his official blog and dedicated entirely to Horizon Forbidden West, the development team revealed to the public the presence of an interesting gameplay mechanics not present in the prequel

A few minutes ago we proposed the various details about the world of Horizon Forbidden West, which should pay great attention to detail and propose a series of villages with unique characteristics and characters that reflect the animations of the main traits of the tribe of belonging. The information about the world is not the only one mentioned in the long article, since inside the game developers of Guerrilla Games have hidden small references to a new gameplay mechanics that players can exploit to obtain temporary upgrades. In fact, in Horizon Forbidden West it will be possible to go to various settlements to get prepared delicious dishes to take on the journey and use if necessary to receive advantages to attack, defense or other parameters. This is an interesting addition and that, just like in Monster Hunter, allows players to face the most complex clashes with an extra gear.

Have you read the new details on Horizon Forbidden West’s cars yet?

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