Horizon Forbidden West And Forbidden West Machines: New Details On Aspidente

To the avalanche of details on the upgrades of Horizon Forbidden West, the journalists of Game Informer add also an interesting study entirely dedicated to Aspidente, one of the most fearsome machines that Aloy will face exploring the gigantic map

Described as a creature to say the least impressive, Aspidente is a gigantic hybrid between a cobra and a rattlesnake that adopts a particularly wide range of attacks and strategies to overpower the opponent.

Each member of the Slitherfang family will be equipped with an acid tank at the base of the throat, from which it will draw to spray flows of corrosive liquid on the wrong person of the shift. Who dares to challenge the Aspident in his den will also have to deal with the electrical attacks carried with the tail rattle and, in the most advanced stages of the battle, with the torn shock waves resulting from the hood on the sides of the

According to Game Director Mathijs de Jonge, even Aloy’s most experienced emuli will find it particularly difficult to break down these creatures because of the size, the exceptional speed of attacks and the acute senses that make it impossible to surprise Aspi

At the bottom of the news you will find the link to the Game Informer article with a clip ingame showing the powerful Slitherfang in action. Before leaving you to comment, we remind you that Horizon Forbidden West is due to be launched on February 18, 2022 on PS4 and PlayStation 5.

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