Horizon Forbidden West: Aloy’s Resolve In The Trailer Dubbed In Italian

During the long Game Awards 2021 show, which on the sound of announcements kept all fans awake during the night between Thursday and Friday, there was also room for a new Horizon Forbidden West trailer for PS

The film offered us a full-bodied taste of the vast sample of mechanical beasts that heroin will encounter on its journey to the West Forbidden, from earthly metal monsters to the mighty winged machines, to the beasts that Shortly after the original airing, the official local channels re-proposed the trailer in its version with the dubbing in Italian, to the delight of all of us who can thus test the work done in the adaptation phase.

“The Earth is dying, and the machines are out of control. Anyway, I’ll be ready!” says Aloy of the trailer with determination and determination. You can also admire it by heading to the top of this news, but before leaving you remember that Horizon Forbidden West will be available on PlayStation 4 and PS5 from February 18, 2021.

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