Horizon Call Of The Mountain Will Only Be Released On Playstation Vr2 Or Even On Ps5 Without A Viewer?

Horizon Call of the Mountain (also known as Horizon VR) is the first official PlayStation VR2 game, the new generation Sony headset for PlayStation.

Call of the Mountain is a spin-off of Horizon with a new protagonist, although it has been confirmed that Aloy will appear as an unplayable character along with other faces of Horizon Zero Dawn and Hori But on which platforms will Horizon Call of the Mountain come out? Will VR be exclusive or not? There is confusion about these aspects since developers (Guerrilla Games and Firespite Studio) have not been too clear about it, we know that Horizon VR Call of the Mountain will exploit the potential of PlayStation

An old rumor was about Sony interested in focusing on classic hybrid experiences and VR as in the case of Hitman 3 and Resident Evil 7 Biohazard, however it is very likely that Horizon VR Call of the Mo First generation PS4 and PSVR compatibility seems to be excluded, as the team has confirmed that the experience is built around PlayStation VR2 and the Sense controllers for the new viewer.

Horizon Call of the Mountain does not have a date of release but we will probably know more about it during 2022.

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