Horizon Call Of The Mountain For Playstation Vr2: Will Aloy Be There?

Horizon Call of the Mountain is a spin-off of the Horizon series, the game is currently developing in the studies of Guerrilla Games and Firesprite and will arrive on PlayStation VR2 in a period of not

Waiting for Guerrilla to reveal new details about the plot and gameplay mechanics, there is curiosity about Aloy’s role: will the warrior appear in Horizon Call of the Mountain or not? Yes, Aloy will be there, but as an unplayable character along with other known faces in the series.

The plot of Call of the Mountain will tell a completely new story from the point of view of a character never seen before, as confirmed by the development team, Guerrilla Games promised that soon we will know more about the protagonist of Horizon

Horizon Call of the Mountain is a very ambitious project and according to a former member of Guerrilla the game will change the fate of the AAA productions for Virtual Reality, setting new standards, at least on consoles. Here again, we have few elements to judge at the moment, in 2022 PlayStation Studios should reveal more details about this exclusive production for PS VR2.

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