Horizon 5: How Do The Car Auctions Work?

Force Horizon 5, already available in early access for players who bought the Deluxe Edition, promises to inflame the last months of 2021 with its spectacular races. Moreover, our review of Forza Horizon 5 confirms the masterful qualities of the last Playground Games work.

In addition to competing against other players in numerous different events, fans will also have to collect the approximately 500 cars faithfully reproduced within Force Horizon 5, thus enriching their virtual garage.

During your adventure in Force Horizon 5 you will have the chance to get new cars in many different ways:

purchasing them by spending your credits inside the game store

earning them as a prize at the end of some special events and races

recovering the vintage cars hidden inside the barns scattered around the map

getting them free playing the wheel of fortune

receive them randomly as a gift thanks to the gifts of other players (to learn more about this game news see our guide to the multiplayer mode of Horizon 5)

buying them through the auction house inside the game

This may seem less immediate or unclear, but it may also give you the greatest satisfaction. Inside the auction house players can in fact put on sale their cars, possibly including personalized liveries and upgrades, choosing the minimum starting price, how much you need to spend to buy the vehicle immediately and the maximum duration of the auction Buyers interested in the piece can then start placing higher and higher offers until someone can win the auction, or get the car immediately by spending the required amount for the instant purchase.

To search for a particular machine in the house d’aste you can use the convenient search filters made available by the game, which include the possibility to select the manufacturer, model, type of car and many other features. Once you have identified a car that interests you you you can also activate notifications for that specific auction, so that you are informed at any time of the new offers arrived.

Thanks to this interesting news you will often find some valuable pieces otherwise very rare and difficult to recover, increasing the chances of adding them to your garage.

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