Horizon 5 Force: The Thousand Faces Of Vocho Beetle In The Accolade Trailer

With the Winter Season of Horizon 5 now started and the work on post-launch patches that are being shipped, Playground Games celebrates the very high average vote of the latest exclusive Microsoft packaging an Acolada Tra

Chosen by English developers as a symbol of the Mexican culture and love of the Central American country for engines, the Volkswagen Beetle model known as “Vocho” and produced by the Puebla branch of the German car manufacturer since 1964 boasts one of the

It’s no coincidence, therefore, if the Playground Games boys decide to represent the playful, artistic and content experience of their latest open-world racing with scenes that capture the Vocho in its thousand variations between body

Before leaving you to the video “in sauce Vocho” with the awards of the press, we remind you that on the pages of Everyeye.it you can read our review of Force Horizon 5 and, if you missed it, recover

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