Horizon 5 Force: How To Unlock The Delorean Return To The Future For Free

The Forza Horizon 5 car park is huge and includes vehicles of all kinds, some of which are inspired by the media we could appreciate in other videogames (think of Halo’s Warthog) or in film. This is the case of the DeLorean, the iconic Back to the Future machine that can be unlocked free of charge.

To add the DeLorean DMC-12 to your Horizon 5 Force garage, you don’t have to do anything special. The car in question is in fact part of the exclusive rewards of the Summer Festival Playlist and to unlock it you have to accumulate points in this sort of free seasonal pass. DeLorean is achieved when you reach 26 points and, in order to achieve this figure, players must complete the challenges that are proposed daily in the special screen of the menus. These are usually very simple objectives and do not require much effort to be completed. If you want to speed up the unlocking of the car further, you can also try out in the weekly challenges, but they require more effort to be completed. Once you reach the 26 points of the Festival, you can access the screen in the game menus and redeem the reward.

There is also a second method of getting into possession of the car, which is, however, cheap. It is possible to buy the car through the auctions in game, although the price of the vehicle is quite high and the transaction requires a very high amount of credits. If you have excess money and little desire to complete the challenges, this could be the easiest way to get the DeLorean.

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