Horizon 5 Force: Guide To Car Customization, How Does It Work?

The fifth open world chapter of the series is available on Xbox One, Xbox Series S.X. and PC. The Playground Games works put us at the wheel of numerous cars that can be individually customized with paint and design created from scratch: here is a guide to the customization of vehicles.

Aesthetically modifying cars in Force Horizon 5 (here is the review of Force Horizon 5) means working on different paints and decals, from the most basic to real handicrafts to create directly in-game through a complex The game offers 5 types of bases on which to work, that is the first coating that will give the vehicle a particular visual feeling: matt, wood, two tones, copper and carbon fiber. From this choice the overall image of the medium will change drastically, but this is only the first step towards the truly crucial part of customization, that is, creating unique designs. You can avoid this process if you want to replicate a project already in use by others: Forza Horizon 5, in fact, allows you to choose from an online catalog the creations of players, or to import your own from the old chapters of the series (in the specific For

Playground Games has worked a lot on this aspect, making available thousands of presets from which to start: we talk about forms of every kind that can be exploited to create more complex and interesting images, to be applied then on the frames of the machines. In this sense it is important to always be careful about the shape of the medium so as not to stumble into unpleasant aesthetic defects, such as the deformation of a geometry that could ruin the general proportions of the design. It is useful to keep in mind the final positioning of the decal, so that we already work with the vcomplex dimensions and the limits imposed by the body shop of the more than 500 cars present in the game (in this regard, here is the complete list of machines in Force

You can use a copy-paste function to duplicate exactly the shapes already made and have total control over size, color and any other component that concerns the design of your illustrations. The total number of layers imposed by the editor, that is, of specific painting components, is 3000, although you will very hardly get close to this number, thus having almost unlimited creative freedom.

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