Horizon 2 Forbidden West: The Story Trailer Subtitled In Italian

Waiting for the official Italian dubbing, we subtitled for you the beautiful Horizon Forbidden West Story Trailer, released on February 18 on PS4 and PlayStation 5.

The film offers us a glimpse of the playful and narrative experience to live by reinterpreting Aloy. Together with the warrior of Zero Dawn, fans of the series will be able to travel to the West Forbidden and interact with numerous PNGs to come to the head of the puzzle represented by the plague that is “contaminating” the region and that

The cast of the characters of Horizon Forbidden West will be particularly large, including Regalla (leader of Tenakth) and the mysterious Tilda, played by actress Carrie Anne Moss. The relationship between Aloy and the individual PNGs she met will placate the story and help write the most important pages of the main campaign, and this to silence the reflections of Aloy’s actions on relations with the most aggressive tribes and warriors of

Without lingering further, we leave you in the company of the Story Trailer subtitled in Italian, but if you are looking for further ideas we can only recommend you to read this special of our on Horizon Forbidden West between history characters and

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