Hollow 2: The Fps Horror Inspired By Doom Comes On Pc And Switch, Here Is The Video Gameplay

After forming The House of the Dead Remake on Switch, MegaPixel and Forever Entertainment strengthen their collaboration and prepare to launch the ski-fi shooter Hollow 2 on the hybrid console

The last project signed by the MegaPixel team will see us re-wearing Mark’s shoes, the last survivor of the virus that infected the entire crew of the Shakhter-One mining spaceship, turning it into a horde

The deformed monsters we will have to confront with Mark will gain strength according to the terror and unconditional fear that will cross the mind of our alter-ego: it will therefore be up to us to help him confront his demons and infuse the

Just take a look at the images and video gameplay at the bottom and top of the news to notice the strong references to the shooter saga of DOOM, between mechanical demons and powerful weapons to use by dodge attacks with a Hollow 2 is scheduled to be released between the end of 2021 and the beginning of next year on PC (Steam) and Nintendo Switch.

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