Hogwarts Legacy Will Be Released In 2022, Warner Bros. Reiterates It Once Again

Last weekend, Colin Moriarty worried all Harry Potter fans around the world about Hogwarts Legacy’s possible postponement to 2023. The authority of the source and the prolonged absence of the game from the scenes have led many people to give credit to the journalist’s narrative.

Warner Bros. Games, however, did not remain silent to observe, so last January 17 he let out through his Brazilian division that Hogwarts Legacy is still expected during 2022. In the absence of any misunderstandings, the company has reiterated this again, this time through the pages of Wizarding World, the official website of the world of magic created by J.K. Rowling.

” 2022 is also the year in which Warner Bros., Hogwarts Legacy, the long-awaited game of the Portkey Games label will be launched,” says Wizarding World’s team in its long post summary.

In light of this we can say with absolute certainty that Warner Bros. at the moment has no intention of shifting the output of the action RPG to next year. The rumors that Hogwarts Legacy wants to be among the protagonists of the next PlayStation State of Play can then be raised again, some well-informed have set in February.

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