Hogwarts Legacy, Waiting For The New Trailer: The Team Wishes Merry Christmas With A Message

While Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone return to the cinema to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the film, Avalanche Software’s studies have given a brief message to the public.

Over the last few weeks, there have been many rumors, which indicated Hogwarts Legacy as ready to show once again to the enthusiasts of the house magician J. K. Rowling. Unfortunately, the open world theme Harry Potter did not show up at The Game Awards 2021 nor later. And while further rumors indicated that a new Hogwarts Legacy trailer is imminent, it seems that we will have to postpone the appointment to next year.

In fact, Avalanche Software’s Twitter account shared a brief message from the authors of the game, who, taking advantage of the upcoming Christmas holidays, announced that for 2021 there are no updates on the state of play. “Happy holidays from the Avalanche team! – we read in the twitter – We are excited to share more news and updates about Hogwarts Legacy over the next year.” In short, before you can discover the background on the 19th century School of Magic and Witchcraft, you will have to wait for the advent of 2022.

The silence on Action RPG, which – we remember – should have originally seen the light during 2021, continues.

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