Hogwarts Legacy: Trailer Imminent, Multiplayer And Launch Window, Insider Unleashed

Hogwarts Legacy was the great absentee at the 2021 Game Awards, and the many fans of J.K. Rowling’s magician unfortunately remained at the dry mouth after the great surprises that Geoff Keighley reserved for us

Lupinside AccNGT, who correctly anticipated Quantic Dream’s Star Wars Eclipse announcement, updates us on the state of development of the project, and when we might come back to admire it in action. According to the source, Hogwarts Legacy will be published by WB Games during the summer/end of 2022. The game will include unspecified online multiplayer content, and the development team already has in mind a post-launch plan to enrich the long-term experience. Meanwhile, Avalanche’s boys continue to work on writing some minor sections of the adventure.

Lupinside then published a second post, which states that things have started moving today for Hogwarts Legacy, and that therefore a new trailer of the game will be shown shortly by WB Games. At this point we can only hope for new news from the publisher, while remembering to take with due caution the reported.

According to some rumors, WB Games would be reluctant to show material related to the game due to possible backlash against J.K. Rowling, a view of bad eye from the transgender community.

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