Hogwarts Legacy Risks Postponement To 2023 According To Colin Moriarty

After those on the possible postponement of GTA 5 nex-gen, other voices come from the web that predict the same fate for another incredibly anticipated game, Hogwarts Legacy.

Just over a week ago, an insider spread optimism by explaining that Hogwarts Legacy had a good chance of getting there sooner than expected. In complete counter-trend, however, today’s indiscretions, coming from the well-known Colin Moriarty, very close to the world of PlayStation, which has over 12 years of collaboration with IGN USA as editor and the foundation Moriarty said he heard completely different voices, which are rather talking about a possible postponement of Hogwarts Legacy to next year.

“I heard behind the scenes that the game is not going to come out this year,” he said during the last episode of his podcast. Unfortunately, the conductor has not revealed anything else, leaving us in a state of confusion that only an announcement from Warner Bros. could dissipate. Other voices, remember, talk about Hogwarts Legacy’s presence at the PlayStation State of Play in February, so we probably won’t have to wait long to figure out what the fate of the role-playing game is set in H

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