Hogwarts Legacy Postponed To 2023? Wb Games Confirms Release This Year

In the last few hours, there has been talk of a possible postponement of Hogwars Legacy to 2023, suggested by the Insider Colin Moriarty. Statements that have had short life, since an official denial came from Warner Bros. Interactive.

It is unlikely that this is a direct response to the rumors that Moriarty has been spreading, but the publisher has in any case wanted to make things clear: Hogwarts Legacy is, together with Multiversus, Gotham Knights, Su

The previous rumors, moreover, suggested that the company was finally ready to show new material from the RPG developed by Avalanche, and that Hogwarts Legacy would find space at the PlayStation State of Play that should be held in early February.

According to AccountNGT, the insider correctly anticipated the absence of the game at The Game Awards 2021 and the announcement of Star Wars Eclipse, the only reason that could push WB Games to postpone Hogwart This suggests that development should be well advanced and that a possible postponement would be linked to strategic market reasons. At this point we only have to wait patiently for news from WB Games and Avalanche.

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