Hogwarts Legacy In 2022: When Does Harry Potter Play Again?

Will Harry Potter’s new game come in 2023? WB Games confirmed that Hogwarts Legacy will be released in 2022 without providing a precise date but the insider AccountNGT seems to know more about it…

The leader who previewed the existence of Star Wars Eclipse seems to be well informed about Hogwarts Legacy and from his Twitter profile lets know that development is progressing well and that the game is expected according to his

Hogwarts Legacy could be the WB Games summer blockbuster, with a scheduled release in the hottest months of the year or at the latest in September, so as to avoid the competition of games coming out in October and November for the season.

At the moment we actually know nothing else about Hogwarts Legacy, Warner has put the game in the list of “WB Games titles to keep an eye on in 2022” actually confirming how the launch is planned for this year, the hope is to assist

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