Hideo Kojima Wishes Fans A Merry Christmas: A New, Mysterious Artwork Published

With Christmas on the doorstep, various software houses and illustrious authors begin to wish all their fans a happy birthday. Among these could certainly not miss Hideo Kojima, who usually combines images in these cases with his messages.

The iconic game designer has simply wished all his followers a merry Christmas, sharing a wonderful artwork created by Yoji Shinkawa, depicting three mysterious characters and a flag with the symbol of Koji A fascinating design, although its protagonists do not seem to come from any recent game of the author: this has led some to speculate that the three figures come from the new game in development at the studio of Kojima. A fan, for example, among the comments below the post pointed out that the artwork is “suspecting,” suggesting that it wants to anticipate something to players.

However, it is good to clarify that it is mere speculation and that the design may in truth not hide any kind of subliminal message. But it seems certain that the Japanese designer is working on something new, Kojima Productions is looking for new staff with the aim of expanding its production capacity. Our review of Death Stranding Director’s Cut for PS5 reveals all the features and qualities of Kojima’s latest work.

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