Hideo Kojima Promotes Eternals? Speaks The Author Of Metal Gear Solid And Death Stranding

A great fan of cinema, the founder of Kojima Productions is not new to raids in the field of seventh art. For example, Hideo Kojima recently claimed to be conquered by The Batman’s new trailer, which arrived in the hall in spring 2022.

But apparently the author of Metal Gear Saga and Death Stranding is not only a DC home enthusiast, but also of the Ideas House imaginary. From his always active Twitter account, Hideo Kojima has confirmed that he has gone to the room to view the new Eternals, a film part of the ever-widening Marvel Cinematic Universe.

On the feature film, the game director expressed a positive overall opinion, describing it as “a distorted vision of the MCU, but not bad.” In particular, Hideo Kojima seems to have appreciated the use of lights by the director, who has often wanted to illuminate the actors of the shoulders, with also the closer shots that try to project shadows on the faces of the protagonists. The photograph was also promoted, with the author who especially admired the vibrant tones of Eternals’ colors.

Appreciation also for what proposed by the plot of Eternals, cinecomic signed by Chloe Zhao, for a story that, says Hideo Kojima, speaks mainly of destiny, connections, birth and extinction of worlds.

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