Hideo Kojima: ‘I’m Working On An Aaa Title That Everyone Will Want To Play’

Many are very curious to find out what the next project by Hideo Kojima will be. The iconic game designer has long been in the middle of rumor and odd hallway voices trying to guess what the creator of Metal Gear Solid and Death Stranding is preparing again, and there are some confirmations

We know for sure that Kojima Productions is working on two games, although still wrapped in mystery. One of these could be something completely unusual: Kojima’s new game will be a very experimental project, with the same author who called it “radical” in a recent tweet. Now, during an interview with NHK Radio on the occasion of the special “Wonderful World of Game Music,” the designer has thrown more gasoline on the fire.

Speaking of his current projects, Kojima described his next game as “a big AAA title that everyone will say they want to play”. He also added that he would like to work on smaller productions that are not open world or shooter. Broadening the speech to all Kojima Productions, however, confirmed that the new studio recently opened in Los Angeles is working on “dramatic works, films and souls,” admitting also some internal difficulties of the gaming division: due to the p

Despite the problems, Hideo Kojima seems to have very clear ideas about his future. All that remains is to find out what his next games will be, when they come out and on which platforms they will see the light.

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