Hideo Kojima Advises… ‘Eating Heaven’: And Paul Jordan Thanks!

While teasing the curiosity of the video gamers, suggesting a new announcement for Kojima Productions, Hideo Kojima does not give up offering reading tips to its audience.

From his always active Twitter account, in particular, the author of Metal Gear saga and Death Stranding quotes a well-known Italian novelist. As you can see from the twitter available at the bottom, Hideo Kojima was enthusiastic about receiving a copy of “Eating the Sky,” the new book of ours Paul Giordano. Satisfied with the Japanese volume edition, the game director said he was anxious to start reading.

For the occasion, Kojima has also not failed to recommend the debut novel by Paolo Giordano, the now widely famous “The solitude of the prime numbers.” And apparently the Italian writer must have received the compliments of Hideo Kojima, since, always through Twitter, Paolo Giordano did not hesitate to publicly thank the author of Death Stranding.

And while the creative Japanese author is dedicated to reading, the public’s curiosity about the secrets kept within the walls of Kojima Productions grows. In particular, some rumors recently have prompted one to wonder if Norman Reedus is not prepared to return for a second game signed by Hideo Kojima.

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