Heroquest: The New Edition In Italian Pre-Order At A Discounted Price

The game that has become a real cult object among collectors, famous between the late 80s and the early 90s, comes out in a new edition all to discover and today even pre-ordered on Amazon at a discounted price.

The famous HeroQuest table game is in fact pre-order on Amazon at the discounted price of 120.23 euros, with the discount of 19.67 euros from the list price of 139,90 euros, the lowest price since the pre-orders began, in

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Avalon Hill’s HeroQuest table game is a Dungeon Crawler Fantasy where players have to collaborate to fight scary monsters and carry out epic feats, the land of the realm needs valiant heroes to

93 cards incredibly illustrated and the beautiful artbooks, transport players into a fantastic world full of horrible monsters and death traps. Inside the packages there will be 65 miniatures of 25 mm and amazing models of furniture, which will make the game experience incredibly immersive.

The contents of the pack are as follows:

1 board

4 thumbnails of heroes

31 Monster Thumbnail

15 furniture

10 skulls

4 plastic rats

21 doors of the dungeon

93 cards in Italian

4 cards of order of the round completely in Italian

4 cards of the character completely in Italian

Master Screen

Mission book completely in Italian

Regulation completely in Italian


6 white fighting nuts

2 red nuts

HeroQuest is a board game for 2-5 people aged 14 and up, it presents 14 different missions where players can create their own stories and build their own destiny, for a game of potentially endless duration.

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