Heroquest: The Legendary Board Game Returns To Italy, The Preorders Start

It’s official: HeroQuest returns to Italy! The iconic board game created by Milton Bradley Company under the aegis of Games Workshop is preparing for the great return with a completely translated edition and improvements that embrace, for example, updated graphics and gameplay innovations.

Starting from 7:00 p.m. today, Monday 15 November, it is finally possible to preorder the new HeroQuest. The re-edition of the legendary board game ’90s, a kolossal that has become an object of the desire of entire generations of enthusiasts and a collector’s piece, will then return in a graphic and playful modernised to infuse further

Inside the package will find space 90 beautifully illustrated papers and rich in updated artwork, with treasures, ancient artifacts, powerful enchantments and environmental modifiers that will make the happiness of the genre and fans of the long course of The rich package of contents of HeroQuest’s Italian reissue also offers 65 miniatures, all detailed and on 25mm bases, with different models and furniture available for an unforgettable experience to say the least.

There will also be the challenges offered by the 14 preset missions and the endless stories to create through the tools offered by the board game. To those who are only now approaching this milestone of board games, we remind that HeroQuest is a semi-cooperative game where all users, except one, collaborate to defeat the forces of evil. Only one player takes on the role of the Game Master, the powerful Zargon, while others wear the shoes of heroes Barbaro, Nano, Elf and Mago, united in their quest for adventures in a maze of monsters and creeps

To learn more about this iconic board game, please read our special on the HeroQuest and StarQuest revolution.

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