Hello Neighbor 2, New Trailer Between Horror, Stealth And Open World: Beta Announced

Over a year after the first Hello Neighbor 2 announcement, the publisher tinyBuild Games is ready to share interesting news about production.

With the publication of a new dedicated trailer – available directly in the opening of this news – the development team of Eerie Guest offered the public an unprecedented opportunity to take a look at horror stealth game. In an open-world world, The Neighbor 2 will invite players to track down the mysterious Mr Peterson, while trying to lead a disturbing series of disappearances. Between menacing creatures and unlikely secret passages, trying to pass unnoticed will be essential to accomplish your mission.

With the new trailer of The Neighbor 2, TinyBuild Games also announced its intention to organize a Closed Beta title. Access to the game will be linked to the preorder of the game, whose release date has not yet been communicated. The Neighbor 2 preorders will open from April 7, 2022. In the first months of the new year, further details and information should therefore be provided.

Meanwhile, we remember that The Neighbor 2 will be published exclusively on Microsoft platforms, with a premiere on PC, Xbox One and Xbox Series X Plus. The horror stealth open world will also be available in

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