Hellblade 2: Video Comparison Shows The Remarkable Graphic Improvement In Unreal Engine 5

A new film published by YouTube Cyclu1 showed the technical evolution of Senua Saga: Hellblade 2 compared to the already remarkable graphic section Hellblade could have been used: Senua Sacre

Already with the Unreal Engine 4, the British software house had managed to surprisingly characterize the world of Hellblade and to confer an extremely convincing expressiveness to the protagonist Senua. With the transition to the Unreal Engine 5, the latest version of the graphic engine designed by Epic Games, the studio has managed to achieve a level of realism and really impressive aesthetics.

The gameplay trailer of Hellblade 2 shown at the TGA 2021 was also able to surprise the level of animations and the complexity of the models, including that of the gigantic troll shown in the gameplay reveal and realized in collaboration with the

“According to the Ninja Theory team, this complicated asset had to achieve the maximum possible loyalty in real time, as its huge dimensions enlarged the body details and constituted a benchmark for the quality of the character provided in the full title.”

Leaving you to the vision, we remind you that Senua’s Saga: Hellblade 2 is expected on Windows PC and Xbox Series X Plus, at a launch date still unknown.

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