Hellblade 2: Hideo Kojima Loves Gameplay, Ninja Theory Thanks

The Game Awards 2021 were the right opportunity to see in action the first video gameplay of Senua’s Saga Hellblade 2, which surprised not only for its spectacularity, but also for the excellent graphics rendering in-

The video comparison between Hellblade 2 in Unreal Engine 5 and the first chapter also shows how great the technical progress made during these years of development has been. It is no coincidence, therefore, that many players and professionals have been very impressed by the work done so far by Ninja Theory, and even a distinguished name of the videoga industry has shown its approval for the TGA trailer.

Commenting only through emoticons, as often when he wants to show his interest in other people’s productions, Hideo Kojima was impressed by Hellblade 2. The famous author of Metal Gear Solid and Death Stranding follows with interest the next work of Ninja Theory coming on PC and Xbox Series X/S in a period not yet well defined. For its part, the English studio thanked Kojima’s appreciation in a very way, responding with a gif depicting Sam Porter Bridges, starring Death Stranding, in a pose of exultation.

Hellblade 2 continues to be one of the most awaited works coming in the near future on Microsoft platforms: all we have to do is hope for a more defined release date as soon as possible.

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