Hell Let Loose: Has The Ip Been Purchased By Team17, New Projects Coming In?

The publisher Team17 announced that it purchased Hell Let Loose’s IP, the first-person shooter developed by Black Matter, which has distinguished itself for a highly realistic and simulative gameplay approach, available on PC since July.

All the rights and assets of the game now belong to the English label, which has played the role of publisher since Hell Let Loose did not arrive on PC in 2019 in early access version, and then also deal with the full version of the

With the purchase of the IP, Team17 can now manage it as you like, and therefore new content via DLC, potential follow-up and additional business opportunities are not excluded: among them there may also be a PS4 and Xbox One release by Hel Meanwhile, Black Matter has already confirmed that he will continue to work on the series in collaboration with Team17.

The British company also purchased the independent The Label firm, which is mainly specialized in the mobile market. The two operations cost Team17 a total of $102 million.

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