Hatsune Miku Colorful Stage: The Rhythm Game Unpopular On Ios And Android

At Colorful Stage, the new chapter of the now iconic Hatsune Miku series, it took a few days to win the Western audience: the free rhythm game of SEGA is in fact at the top of the iOS rankings

The latest interactive experience signed by SEGA brings us back to Tokyo to show us the activities carried out by Hatsune Miku and his Virtual Friends in the Shibuya district. In this last iteration, the Japanese rhythm game is characterized by the presence of a rich main campaign and a cast of particularly large characters.

As tradition for the series, the real heart of the playful offer of Colorful Stage is represented by the soundtrack and the songs to be performed one tap after another, such as ROKI, Tell Your World, Bring it On, Ha

The success of the Colorful Stage app is also due to the rich detail of the recreated scenes in the games to be completed by making the link between history and cooperative levels. There are also activities related to the Virtual Show and the challenges to be overcome to enrich the wardrobe of your alter-ego. At the bottom and top of the news you will find the images and videos of Hatsune Miku Colorful Stage, but first we remind you that the title is available on App Store and Google Play for tablets and smartphones

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