Has Square Enix Postponed The Announcement Of The New Exclusive Ps5 Due To Final Fantasy 16?

There is much discussion about an alleged exclusive PlayStation license plate Square Enix not yet announced, to reveal its existence was a journalist of VGC and rumor has spread oily on social and forums, so much so that others in

The source speaks of “an exclusive PlayStation of Square Enix behind schedule for public presentation” which would be an exclusive PlayStation console that is supposed to be only on PS5, it is unclear whether the game is going to arrive even on

The mysterious game would not have been announced yet due to the delay of Final Fantasy 16, the new episode of the saga is about six months late on the road map and will be revealed again only in spring, as confirmed by the producer. The publisher does not want to obscure the new Final Fantasy and therefore will not announce a new exclusive PlayStation before the release of FF16 and probably also Forspoken.

Mystery about which the new exclusive PlayStation of Square Enix could be, the VGC journalist who originated the rumor lets you know that it is not a game of Final Fantasy, a new Kingdom Hearts and not even a There are therefore various hypotheses all suggestive but obviously to take as well as speculations, from Parasite Eve to the Chrono series, passing through western IPs such as Tomb Raider, Deus Ex, Avengers or other games under Marvel license.

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