Harry Potter, The Story Of The Deleted Mmorpg: Ea Did Not Believe In The Success Of The Wizard

Today Harry Potter’s video game brand is firmly in the hands of Warner Bros. Games, but once, when the character had just made his movie debut, it was run by Electronic Arts, who demonstrated that

These days a background has emerged from the beginning of the millennium, when Electronic Arts focused on the tie-of films: there is an entire generation of video players grown with the adaptations of “The Philosopher’s Stone” and We recently discovered that EA had also a Harry Potter MMORPG, which was in design stages within one of its studios.

Kimberly Salzer, former Director of Product Marketing to whom we owe the testimony, revealed that the American company has deleted Harry Potter’s MMORPG because it was not sure of the long-term success of the character. The magician had actually only taken the first steps, and was still at the beginning of his ascent. In those years there was no World of Warcraft, a highly successful MMORPG that came only in 2004, which could have convinced EA to invest in this genre. We tell you this story of little vision in the special video at the news opening: enjoy!

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