Halo: Tv Series Teaser Leaks Before The Showcase For The 20Th Anniversary

A few hours after the showcase was aired for Xbox’s 20th anniversary, the one that should have been one of the biggest surprises of the event leaked on the net.

On Twitter, it is already possible to view the teaser trailer of the Halo television series produced by Paramount. We are talking about a few seconds of video, which however are perfectly able to fuel the enthusiasm of any fan in the series. Close-up details of Mjolnir armor, the unmistakable number 117 and Master Chief played by Pablo Schreiber wearing the helmet while Cortana says, with Jen Taylor’s voice, “Hello, The clip, apparently, was distributed as ADS by Facebook in advance of the expected time.

You can watch the trailer too by heading to the bottom of this news. The film ends with the confirmation of the release of the TV series in 2022 on the Paramount+ streaming service, an information that was actually known for some time. Actor Pablo Schreiber has warned all his fans about the importance of the day of November 15, so it is possible that during the showcase more information on the television series will be revealed.

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