Halo, The Tv Series Will Not Be Canonical: 343 Industries Explains Why

After finally taking a first look at Halo’s TV series thanks to the trailer released during the night of the Game Awards 2021, 343 Industries back to discuss the television transposition of the iconic videoga saga that made the story of the Xbox consoles.

As Kiki Wolfkill, head of the transmedia division of 343 Industries, pointed out, Halo’s TV series is not considered canonical. This means that the “official version” of the facts will always be told within the video games of Halo, that is in the dimension in which the franchise was born. With this move, 343 Industries wants to avoid television and video games they come across until they create narrative holes and inconsistencies in the description of the Halo universe and in the narrative story.

“We call it Halo Silver Timeline, as a way to differentiate it from the main canon, and we do it both to protect the main canon and television history. And by this I intend to be able to give us the opportunity to evolve and allow both canons to be what they owe for their mediums without clashing with each other,” Wolfkill’s words. The same fate was the result of Halo Legends, the 2010 animated film, which was also considered non-canonical.

Let’s remind readers that the Halo TV series, Paramount+, will air in Italy on Sky starting from 2022.

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