Halo The Endless: Microsoft Has Registered The Brand, Is It A Halo Infinite Dlc?

Only a few hours after Halo Infinite’s official debut and his single player campaign, we learn about Halo: The Endless, mysterious trademark recorded by Redmond’s giant linked to the franchise edited by

The only information about Halo The Endless can be found on its dedicated page on Justia Trademarks, and we are confirmed that this is a video game project of some kind. Among the categories to which it refers are in fact ” software game, computer game software, video game software, home video game consoles,” and so on.

The brand was registered on December 3, and at the moment it is impossible to know more. That it could be a sci-fi shooter DLC? Through the findings of the dataminers during the Beta phase of the multiplayer sector we have discovered that, probably, Halo Infinite will welcome new campaigns in the future, and who knows that this is not the first of a series of additional adventures that 343 Industries is Of course, it is not even possible to exclude the possibility that this is a completely new title that would enrich the Microsoft franchise.

While waiting to learn more about Halo The Endless, we refer you to our review of the Halo Infinite Campaign to discover everything about the new Master Chief adventure.

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