Halo Salutes Xbox 360 And Goes Offline: Close Servers, End An Era

The thirty-year history of Bungie is indissolubly linked to the creation of Halo’s sci-fi imaginary, which has brought software house to military for a long time in the orbit of the Xbox Game Studios.

Purchased by Microsoft in the late 1990s, the development team led Halo to debut on the first Xbox in the early November 15, 2001. Since then, Bungie has told about the evolution of Master Chief along multiple adventures, until the song of the swan represented by Halo: Reach, published in 2010. The growth and affirmation of Spartan 117 under the aegis of Bungie has therefore marked Xbox and Xbox 360, in a path that is now undergoing an inevitable turning point.

While Halo: Infinite is preparing for the Cyber Showdown event, Microsoft has announced that the servers dedicated to the online functionality of Xbox 360 versions of Master Chief’s adventures will be closed. In concrete terms, with January 2022 the online elements of the following titles for the past Microsoft console cease to be operational:

Halo: Wars;

; Spartan Assault;

; Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary;

; Halo 3: ODST;

; Halo 3 ;

; Halo 4;

; Halo: Reach;

Of course, fans with Xbox 360 versions of the titles will continue to enjoy the main campaign and any other offline aspect of the games. For all details about the disabling of servers, please refer to the explanatory table available at the bottom of this news.

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