Halo Infinite: Xbox And Swarovski Present Collectible Crystals Dedicated To The Game

A few days before the launch of Halo Infinite, Microsoft decided to celebrate the great by joining Swarovski. The company known for its jewelry and precious objects has created two special tributes in view of the triumphal return to the scenes of Master Chief.

Two decades after the start of one of the most important franchises in gaming, Swarovski recreated the iconic Mjolnir helmet by Master Chief, made with a unique piece of crystal with 140 faces, along with Energy Swo

“We are excited to work with Swarovski and offer something really special for fans. Swarovski and Halo embody the same ideals of heroism and wonder. These magnificent objects tell a story of innovation and inspiration, paying tribute to Halo’s impact over the years.

In recognition of Master Chief’s iconic Spartan 117 issue, we have created 117 sets of crystal collectibles, including the iconic helmet and Energy Sword. The beautiful pieces will not be sold by Swarovski or Xbox. They will be available through the official Swarovski lotteries and the Campaign for a Cause of StockX [a charity campaign].”

To participate in this initiative and get collectibles you will need to go to Swarovski stores in France, Germany, UK and USA, scan the QR code at the items on display, and then enter your personal data via your device You can also participate through the Swarovski website, but the event will not be active in Italy.

Halo Infinite will be released on December 8 on Windows PC and Xbox Series X Plus and Xbox One consoles. The preload of the Sci-Fi shooter campaign is already available.

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