Halo Infinite Winter Contingency: How To Unlock All The Free Skin Of Christmas

As announced by 343 Industries, the Winter Contingency event in Halo Infinite (Italian: Emergency Winter) has officially started, the way the first person shooter will celebrate Christmas with many free rewards

As you may have noticed by starting Halo Infinite after today’s reset, December 21, 2021, a third tab dedicated to the mini Battle Pass of the event consisting of only ten levels has been ticked in the seasonal progress screen. But don’t be fooled by the description of the event, which asks you to complete the ‘challenge event’ to climb the levels: it is in fact an information related to the old method dating back to the first appearance of the Fracture Tenrai event that

The progress of the Winter Emergency event is completely different from what we saw with samurai-themed cosmetics, since this time there is no need to complete challenges. Each player can only climb one level of the mini pass per day and, to do so, all you need to do is complete one game in any playlist without the need to win. If you want to speed up the completion of the game, try to complete one in the Rapid Game, whose matches are usually faster than those of the Great Battle in Squads.

Here is the complete list of free rewards for the Halo Infinite event:

Wild Justice, Epic Identification Plate – Level 1

Mint Laughter, Rare Livre for the Mark VII armor – Level 2

UA/Tatius, left shoulder strap for armor Mark VII – Level 3

UA/Tatius, Right shoulder strap for armor Mark VII – Level 4

Mint laugh, Rare livery for the assault rifle MA40 – Level 5

Snowy catastrophe, Epic background for identification plate – Level 6

Navlogcom, Rare Identification Plate – Level 7

Mint Laughter, Rare Livre for the MK50 Gun – Level 8

Myesel communion holder, Rare object holder accessory for the Mark VII armor – Level 9

Countess of the Sunset, Epic Livre for the Mark VII armor – Level 10

It should be noted that the rewards are only 10 but the days to complete the pass are more, you will have the possibility to obtain every single cosmetic object until next 3 January 2022 at 19:00 of the Italian time zone, that is the classic time of the daily reset. If you have started to get the prizes from today and you won’t skip a single day, know that you will have all the free rewards of Winter Contingency already on the evening of December 30.

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