Halo Infinite: Waypoint Has Made Up Again, New Video Expected Today November 6

In view of the launch of Halo Infinite and the celebrations for the 20th anniversary of Master Chief, the 343 Industries boys gave a good ageing to Halo Waypoint, the institutional site of the series that for years informs us about the news coming from

The first thing you will notice when going to Halo Waypoint is the renovated look, but 343 Industries has also worked hard to make it more functional, informative and accessible. You will find all the news about Infinite and The Master Chief Collection, eSport segment information, forum, Halo Insider program and links to support and Gear Store. Next, you can also access your personal user pages, on which you can show off your medals links to your social media to help other players find you. At the launch of Halo Infinite, a tool will also be made available to display the progression of Battle Pass and Challenges, and to customize your Spartan: in the future this function will be further expanded with an option to change weapons and vehicles To accompany the restling of the site, there are also new Halo Waypoint apps for Android and iOS.

While we’re at it, we’ll take the ball to the top to warn you that at 2:00 pm today, November 6th, a new video of Halo Infinite will be released. You can expect a new video from the Archives of the UNSC, which will tell about an important event in the lore of the universe. A few days ago we discovered the UNSC hero who stole Master Chief’s shield technology.

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