Halo Infinite: Various Surprises Planned For Today According To The Insiders

For days there has been no more talk: does Halo Infinite multiplayer come out on November 15? We don’t know but according to various insiders this possibility is absolutely concrete and there are good chances that Microsoft opts for a shadow drop of the multiplayer segment.

In addition to the indications that came out on the weekend (such as Halo Infinite’s countdown on Pringles’ website) there are also the testimonies of two insiders and journalists, Tom Henderson and Jeff Grubb. The first is said to be very excited about the new Halo Infinite theme coming while the second lets you know that you haven’t heard anything about a possible postponement of the multiplayer and closes your Tweet with a reference to Battlefield,

The shadow drop would only concern, as already specified, the free multiplayer of Infinite while the campaign will be released in December as planned, however there would be a single player demo coming just this week. But surprises wouldn’t end here… always tonight during the event for the 20 years of Xbox according to some rumors we will also be watching the first trailer of the Halo TV series.

Today is an important day for the Xbox brand, exactly on November 15, 2001, the first Microsoft console was released in North America accompanied by Halo Combat Evolved.

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