Halo Infinite, Two Thirds Of The Cut Contents: Backstage On The Troubled Development

When the official launch of Halo Infinite campaign is just over an hour away, some backgrounds emerge on the web on the development of the game, which apparently has been extremely troubled.

Jason Schreier shared them through the pages of Bloomberg. The reporter explained that in 2019 the development of Halo Infinite was in a state of crisis: the top of the team, in great difficulty, decided to cut two thirds of the content of the game. The original open world, which initially could compete in vastness with Zelda’s, was reduced. Not knowing how to continue, the executives sent all the developers home, who stopped working until the next move was planned.

Despite the compromises and drastically reduced ambitions, the development team soon became clear that it would be difficult to deliver a decent version of Halo Infinite for windows requested by Microsoft: the multiplayer would have to see the light in 2019, while the campaign in November of the

The Faber development tool, which was considered very difficult to use, would be among the causes of many problems. At some point in development, 343 Industries would have considered switching to the Unreal Engine and the decision to continue with Faber would only come after many months of doubt and discussion. According to Schreier, the biggest problems would however be linked to the high number of contractors and the continuous replacement of the same: an internal policy of Microsoft (which has produced a lot of complaints at Redmond’s house) provides for a maximum duration for fixed-term workers Since full-time promotions are very rare, 343 Industries has consistently lost talent and know-how over the years.

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