Halo Infinite Tings With Cyberpunk With The Cyber Showdown Event: The Start Date

In addition to confirming that the Big Time Battle fix will be distributed next week, developers of 343 Industries have officially announced the arrival of the new Halo Infinite event.

The online multiplayer segment of the shooter will be enriched from 18 January, when Cyber Showdown will be launched, new event with which Halo Infinite will ting of cyberpunk veins. 343 Industries did not specify how long the event will last or what the rewards are for the prize (except for the extravagant ridge shown in the trailer), but the dataminers seem to have anticipated much of the innovations expected. Based on the rumors, the event will last two weeks and will end on February 1. Players will be able to unlock a bright pink armor and a weapon coating, a pose, a coloring of the visor, a pendant for weapons and more.

The event will work in a similar way to the previous Fracture: Tenrai, where players are called to complete specific challenges to make progress in the free event pass. According to the dataminers, Cyber Showdown will also see the introduction of new game modes such as Attrition and King of the Hill.

Once the Cyber Showdown event is over, players will not have to wait long before the next event begins. Fracture Tenrai will take place again on February 1st, and will offer players more opportunities to unlock various samurai-themed cosmetics.

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