Halo Infinite Third In The Uk Ranking: Weaker Launch Compared To Cod And Battlefield

Halo Infinite in full campaign version and multiplayer is available since last December 8, 2021 and has quickly gained wide critical and public support. For example, think of the fact that Halo Infinite won in the Players Voice category of TGA 2021, thus proving to be the game of the year according to the users.

But the great praises received from fans and the press (in this regard, Halo Infinite is the GOTY 2021 for Game Informer) have also translated into star sales? Looking at the UK market does not seem to have been exactly the case, at least according to the Twitter report from analyst Christopher Dring. The head of the GamesIndustry portal reveals that, in the sales charts both physical and digital in the UK, Master Chief’s last adventure began in third place.

It is not clear exactly how the title developed by 343 Industries actually sold in its first week of marketing, but Dring reveals that of the three main FPS of end 2021 (the others are Battlefield 2042 and Call of Duty Vanguard), the new Halo The analyst himself, however, also points out that statistics do not take into account the popularity of the game on the Game Pass. All this without forgetting that both COD and Battlefield are multiplatform products, where Halo Infinite is exclusive Microsoft only available on PC, Xbox Series X/S and Xbox One.

And you, have you bought it or are you playing it through Game Pass?

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