Halo Infinite: The Too Many Ambitions Of 343I Have Made Development More Difficult

Less than 24 hours before the launch of the Halo Infinite campaign and, now free from all kinds of pressure, a member of 343 Industries spoke of the difficulties encountered during the development.

Bonnie Ross, the software house boss, recently released an interview with the CNET portal during which the team’s great ambitions were also discussed. It seems that the developers wanted to insert so many elements of the game that they then made a hell of the realization of all ideas. The pandemic has then arrived to complicate things, which has made development even more difficult and has contributed to the creation of an imperfect demo like the one shown at E3 2020, that is, the one that has suffered so much criticism that has pushed the team to postpone the Although Ross is very proud of what Halo Infinite is today, in hindsight the manager would have cut some content, perhaps avoiding developing at the same time an online multiplayer mode free to play and a campaign set in an open world and

During the interview, the future of the series was also discussed and, although explicit confirmations were missing, the manager suggested that Halo Infinite will be supported over the years with new content and the arrival of entire single player campaigns that will go to

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