Halo Infinite, The New Update Misses The Target: Still Problems With Big Team Battle

Waited for December, the update dedicated to Halo Infinite’s Big Team Battle mode has finally been published by 343 Industries. Unfortunately, however, it seems that things have not gone as planned.

As reported by the same community manager of 343 Industries, Brian Jarrard, the patch that was supposed to put an end to Big Team Battle’s matchmaking problems seems to have missed the target, with numerous players still unable to access correctly the

Despite some minor improvements, the problem persists, therefore, but the situation may still be evolving, as suggested by a Halo subreddit moderator:

“This is a client-side update, give it a second so that people can download it before they say it doesn’t work. Some people think it’s already starting to work. There is a possibility that there were still players in the BTB on the old build, it could be a number of reasons why temporarily the update did not work immediately.” 343 Industries has in any case specified to be continuing to work to further improve the situation.

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