Halo Infinite: The Most Curious Guide To The Easter Egg

The last adventure of Master Chief is full of secrets and curiosities (in this regard, here is the quote of Halo Infinite to Aldo, Giovanni and Giacomo), also because of the open world nature of the title 343 Industries. Here are some of the funniest easter egg in the game.

If you have followed the epic of the development of Halo Infinite (here is the review of Halo Infinite), initially planned for the launch of Xbox Series X The 343 Industries boys wanted to pay tribute to the figure born on the internet with a particular easter egg hidden at the top of the tower during the early stages of the countryside: in the universe of Halo, in fact, it seems that Craig has become a

Another particularly curious place is the hideout of a marine, who seems to have created his own playroom where, among other things, stands out an Xbox classic. The secret is located near one of the headlights, after using the grappling to access the top of a tunnel. Going forward, using a crag on a cliff near the UNSC base at the end of the first mission, you will find a sleeping bag with some pretty puppets neighbors portraying Master Chief and other famous characters of the saga. Other fans have discovered that on some of the highest mountain peaks on the map you can listen to the main soundtrack of the series.

Blood Gulch is one of the maps of Halo Combat Evolved: this area appears briefly in one of the holograms of the Exiles. In Halo Infinite there is a marmot, even if it is a digital profile that you can notice in the first deposit of the Precursors. Rick and Morty fan? In the initial mission ‘The Tower’, behind a grate, you can notice a box of Mr. Miguardi. Hidden in a cave and worshipped by Grunts, instead, there is a large sandwich accompanied by a song from Halo: Combat Evolved.

But speaking of Grunts, listening carefully to some of the propaganda messages, you can catch a quote from Metal Gear Solid in Halo Infinite, because a voice proposes to change the door of the controller to defeat Master Chief, just as it did In one of the buildings of the Precursors there is a cabin of Halo Infinite. Finally, sometimes you can hear a Scorpion called Sheyla, quoted at Red vs Blue webseries.

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