Halo Infinite: The Monetization System Will Change Next Week

The 343 Industries boys have taken advantage of the numerous criticisms received in recent weeks and are ready to implement some substantial changes to the free multiplayer monetization system of Halo Infinite.

The changes will be implemented in conjunction with the launch of the new Cyber Showdown event, announced yesterday evening and scheduled for Tuesday, January 18. The details were described by Jerry Hook, Head of Design of 343 Industries and one of the veterans who contributed to the foundation of Xbox Live. With a series of posts on Twitter, he explained that starting next Tuesday the prices of bundles will decrease, while the value of the objects inside them will be increased. Furthermore, cosmetics that previously could only be obtained as part of a bundle will finally be sold individually. “From Tuesday, the experience of the shop will vary from week to week,” said Hook. “We are focused on reducing prices across the line, providing a higher value in our bundles, starting to sell individual items outside bundles, and more.”

What will be implemented on Tuesday is only the beginning of an improvement process that will continue in the coming weeks. “We will try new things over the rest of the season, so we can continue to learn and improve for the future. Please continue to provide your feedback during this process. I hope to see you next week for the Cyber Showdown event.”

Cyber Showdown will last two weeks, from 18 January to 1 February, and will offer players the opportunity to unlock a series of cyberpunk-themed cosmetic objects. Before saying goodbye, we remember that next week is also expected the fix of the Big Team Battle mode of Halo Infinite.

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