Halo Infinite, The Last Hours For The Fiesta Playlist: The Event Keep Going Until The End

Pending the official debut of the new sci-fi epopea of 343 Industries, the development team decided to give the public a first taste of the multiplayer section of Halo: Infinite.

With several days ahead of Master Chief’s official return, Microsoft’s home software has made the Beta multiplayer shooter available. A surprise that brought with it also the first special event dedicated to experience, available for a limited period of time.

We are obviously talking about the start of Fracture: You will keep in Halo: Infinite, an interesting appointment aimed at diversifying the experience offered to fans Spartan. With a feudal Japan atmosphere, the event has its own dedicated Battle Pass, along which to progress through overcoming some challenges. To revive the multiplayer, we also thought of a special playlist, named Fiesta.

As the event closes, 343 Industries confirms that players will be able to take advantage of its content again next year. Fracture: You will keep, and its playlist, will therefore cease to be available from tomorrow, Tuesday, November 30. To try out in Fiesta, unlock the contents of the Battle Pass and get its rewards, Halo players: Infinite will have a new opportunity during January 2022.

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